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Hi there! I'm a student at Harvard University, originally from Nebraska.

At Harvard, I study Sociology and Neuroscience, and my interests focus on combating public health inequities through legal and policy remedies. My current work is as a research assistant for the Harvard Kennedy School's Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, an undergraduate researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, and a freelance journalist and science writer. In my free time, you’ll find me drinking excessive amounts of green tea (it’s healthy caffeine...), listening to Michael Barbaro’s smooth voice on The Daily, and trying to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Current Themes and Questions of My Work

  • How do we address cultural and generational distrust in medicine and public policy? What, if any, are the distinctions between reasonable and unjustified distrust?

  • What is punishment, including legal penalties and informal sanctions? What might attention to punitive practices teach us about the cultures in which they are used?

  • What is equity and how can it be integrated in public health initiatives? 

  • What can modern molecular genetic approaches teach us about how the brain controls behaviors? How does this knowledge interact with philosophical concepts of free will and moral responsibility?

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